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The Real Happiness

A journal of motherhood, stray thoughts, pondering, and joy

16 October 1976
If you know me, you probably know me as Wired.

Our son, littlestllama was born February 5, 2003, happy and healthy. Now he loves Spiderman, waffles, and long rambling stories, as long as he's the one telling them. He has a comic subscription and is currently taking roller-skating lessons.

Our daughter arrived on October 29, 2004. She is funny, stubborn, and curly-haired. Her current favorite pastimes are tormenting her brother and giving kisses. The stuffed animals she currently sleeps with are a twee pink kitty named "Peent Titty", a monster hand-puppet (Charlie), and a blue monster doll with posable tentacles (Lucy).

I earn a living as technical writer. I am a work-from-work mommy. I fiddle with yarn and make preposterous things. I sew love into quilts. I build a home. I live fantasies.

People I talk about

silmarian (my husband)

Many friends, who, if you wish to know about, you should read my friends page.
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